Austin Copper Association: Promoting Materials Recovery

We have received excellent feedback from all of our clients concerning the quality of our services and the promptness with which we delivered what they required. For all of our customers, we are pleased to provide a money back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied with our services." David Cushns, Managing Director, Austick Copper Recycling, Australia


"When dealing with unwanted or recyclable household items, it is important to find a company that will accept your goods without delay. That is why we have been providing a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our products. We are continually committed to delivering the best customer service possible and take pride in delivering quick, reliable service while maintaining a strict quality control policy. As a competitive and innovative scrap copper recycling company, we take every step necessary to ensure the health and environmental well being of all our clients." Troy Taylor, President and CEO, Austick Copper Recycling, Australia. austickcopperrecycling

"All the major material recovery companies will accept your scraps copper recycling but there are only a few that do. The majority of these companies have stringent requirements regarding the size of your deposits, the condition of your deposits and the volume of copper waste that they can accept. If you do not feel they are meeting your needs satisfactorily, there are other options you can pursue. The one thing they all have in common is the ability to recycle your scrap copper and sell it as an organic material, rather than a by-product for a landfill. We are just one of the few such companies in the city of Toronto, and we take pride in the way we treat all of the copper you send us."


"What better way to make money than selling unwanted, broken or unused copper? This unwanted material can be separated into different pieces and can then be sold as scrap copper. You may also be able to sell individual components, such as wires pads, or break them down even further into smaller pieces, and these may then be sent to manufacturers for them to be melted down and refined into new materials. Whatever method you choose, the recycling of this unwanted material will help both you and the environment."


"Spurred by consumer demand and by environmental concerns, many countries have taken steps to protect the environment by reducing the amount of garbage that is sent to landfills. In the US, there are a number of government and private resources available for helping with copper recycling programs. The recycling programs can be found by contacting your local office of the Gold Rule or the Council on Recycled Industries. In Canada, the copper recycling program is offered through Canadian Environmental Association and the Canadian Society for the Protection of the Forest Environment."


The idea of recycling scrap copper is not new, but it has been slowed in recent years due to the rising cost of copper. In addition, recycling programs have faced legal challenges in some states, and some companies have ceased operations in some regions because they could not compete in states where they would need to pay more for copper. However, as a result of increasing demand, some recycled copper is sold below retail value in efforts to help lower environmental damage. For instance, aallas-area scrap copper recycler recently sold $3 million worth of copper to a scrap metal producer, because it took much longer to process. It takes about four to six months to form the copper pellets into ingots that can be recycled.


Austin Copper Association has been trying to make recycling of copper a priority. "We've always been about making sure that Austin gets its fair share of recycled copper and other minerals," said Executive Director Karen Gaffney. "When you see the amount of copper waste going down the drain every day, it's easy to understand why recycling of copper should be a priority." recycling of copper is seen as a way to raise consciousness among residents about environmental issues, while also providing a way for people to receive higher copper benefits, such as jobs and medical benefits.


Austin has some excellent programs in place to help recycled copper find its way back into the city's water supply, as well as helping with materials recovery. Recycled copper is often resold or recycled into other products to further reduce pollution levels and encourage residents to think about environmental impacts more seriously. As a result, Austin is leading the way in recycling efforts for the city and the nation.